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Partial Bibliography
Anthony "MAC" Castrillo
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Penciler of Chalemagne #4
Greg Boone (1959-2018)
Greg Boone
Bibliography Button Penciler for Good Guys #2 & #'s 4-9
Steve Ditko Picture
Steve Ditko 
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Bibliography Button Key contributor to the Dark Dominion series. Legendary co-creator of Spider-man. 
Jim Fern
Jim Fern Bibliography Button Defiant Comics artist for Prudence & Caution
Alan Kupperberg (photo by Luigi Novi)
Alan Kupperberg
Bibliography Button Artist on Good Guys #6
David Hillman
David Hillman
St. Jams Studio Logo
Bibliography Button Defiant Comics colorist on Charlemagne, Glory, and War Dancer
Art Holcomb
Art Holcomb
Bibliography Button Writer of Dogs of War #'s 1-5
Janet "JayJay" Jackson
Janet Jackson
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Defiant Comics Writer / Colorist / Creator
Steve Ditko Picture
Joe James
St. Jams Studio Logo
Saint James Studios on Facebook
Bibliography Button Defiant Comics Artist/Creator
Steve Ditko Picture
Jim Shooter Bibliography Button Founder & Leader of Defiant Comics. 
Former President of Marvel Comics. 
Founder of Valiant Comics.