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Wizard #22 (Volume 1, June 1993)

Page 20 excerpt:

Shooter's Return A Defiant Act
After an almost year-long vacation, Jim Shooter former editor-in-chief of Marvel and Valiant comics, returns to the scene in his newest venture, Defiant Comics. Defiant, appropriately named for the attitude Shooter brings to the industry, is focusing on building an entirely new universe starting with the book called Plasm. Plasm will be about another world seperated from Earth. This new world will (be) entirely organic. Everything is alive, even things which appear to be machines. One member of this world discovers Earth and brings 10,000 Earthlings to Plasm to become genetic superpeople. Only five survive and receive superpowers, which sets the stage for the story of Plasm.This bold new series will also initiate a card line that introduces readers to the Defiant Universe. (For more info, check out this issue's Wizard of Cards.) 
The card set will be available in June, and the first issue of Plasm is scheduled for an August release.

Page 116 excerpt:
The River Group, the folks who brought you The Elvis Collection, introduces an ingenious card line based on the new Defiant comic book. The universe is called Plasm and is created by Jim Shooter, former Editor-in-Chief of both Marvel and Valiant comics. Shooter will introduce his newest comic book in the form of a limited-edition, 150-card set. This will be the first time a comic has debuted in the form of trading cards. The card set will be the No. 0 issue. In order to read the story, collectors will have to put the cards in protective nine-pocket sheets. The card artist is David Lapham, who also worked at Valiant on Harbinger, H.A.R.D. Corps, and Rai. The story is written by Shooter. The Plasm story will be told on 117 of the 150 cards in the set. The cards will be high quality and UV glossy coated. From what we understand, there will be no "chase" cards or gimmicks to help sell the cards.

(Note: This set did include chase cards and gimmicks. Marketing issues with the card set created a negative public reaction.)

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