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Warriors of Plasm 0
(Bound into Previews Magazine)
Warriors of Plasm
Cover Gallery
Warriors of Plasm #0 - bound into Previews magazine
Story title:  "The Death of Love: The Sedition Agenda Prologue" 
Date June 1993
Cover Price:  $2.00 
(the cost of Previews Vol. 3 #6)
Print Run:
Writer(s) Jim Shooter
Penciler/Artist(s):  David Lapham
Cover Artist(s):  David Lapham (pencils), Michael Witherby (ink)
Inker Michael Witherby
Colorist(s) Janet Jackson, The Defiant Studio
Letterer:  Kenny Lopez
Editor:  Deborah Purcell
Characters Lorca, Ulnareah, Sueraceen, Laygen
Known Variants: 1st Edition Card Binder (cards required), 2nd Edition Card Binder (two versions, cards required), 3rd Edition Card Binder (cards required), Diamond Pull Out Version (bound into Previews with glue on the spine), Stand-Alone Plasm #0 (very few are known to exist). 
Notes/Plot Summary
 This version of Plasm #0 was bound into the June 1993 edition of Diamond Distributor's Previews catalog. All other known versions of Plasm #0 required a complete card set of Plasm Cards to be placed into the empty pockets of a card binder. Previews Vol. 3 #6
The print run for this issue was documented in a trading card set which featured the Previews cover. According to Diamond Distributors, this issue had the highest circulation of any issue of Previews. That record is believed to still be intact, but the card set supplying the print run information was released in 1994. Click the card images to enlarge them and read the text.

Previews Trading Card (Front)  Previews Traing Card (Back)

Signed versions of this comic bound into the Previews catalog exist with the following Certificate of Authenticity. These were signed at conventions according to online reports and the Certificate of Authenticity was provided at the time of signing. Signed comics and Certificates of Authenticity can be forged, so they are not listed on the checklist.
Dark Dominion COA

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$25.00 3/16/04 N/A