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DEFIANT Related Publications
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Whacked! 1
Story title:  "The Adventures of Tonya Harding and Her Pals"
Date March 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50 
Pages 32 (includes fold out cover and fold out centerfold)
Writer(s):  Alan Katz
Penciler Bob Berry 
Cover Artist(s):  Uncredited
Additional Artists:  Chris Greco, Kevin Callahan, Mark Irwin, Jim Reddington, Sue Mcteigue, Mark MeKenna, Ron Mahoney, Dick Mahoney, Sandy Huffaker
Publisher: Dan Shedrick
Assistant to Publisher:  Sandy Ramsey
Design Director:  Joe Mauro
Art Director:  Mike Helfenbein
Mac Artist: Veronica Capellupo
Creative Manager: Eileen Brennan
Production Manager: Don Davis
Production Assistant:  Lisa Barrieau
Research: Brigitte Barton
Notes/Plot Summary
This is the only known comic featuring The River Group logo. The River Group was the supplier of Defiant Comics' Card products. This comic is not part of the Defiant Universe itself, but it is an interesting and obscure comic that is related to the publishing venture that we know as Defiant Comics. Only one creator in the credits (Su McTeigue) is known to have worked on Defiant Comics. It is possible that other Defiant creators used an alias or pen name. 

This is an exceptionally funny full-color parody exploring the Tanya Harding attack on Nancy Kerrigan. It features various parody ads and games as well as a star studded wrap-around cover. The cover features caricatures of Pee-Wee Herman, Donald Trump, Woody Allen, Amy Fisher, Michael Jackson and more. 

Observed Prices
Price  Date Store Location
$5.00 6/6/04 Mile High Comics