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Last Update:  1/4/2021
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Posters, Screen Savers, Caps, Watches...
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Promotional Posters  
Defiant Comics released posters... 
Shown below are some known items which exist. 
Beyond The Imaginary Limits

 Defiant Poster - Beyond the Imaginary Limits
Image source: Private Collection (Nighthawk)
Dark Dominion

Dark Dominion Promo Poster 
Image source: Private Collection (Defiant1)

Image source: Ebay Auction

Image source: Advertisement

Hero Magazine Insert Poster
Image Source: Hero Magazine Insert Poster

Defiant Comics related Prints... 
Shown below are some known items which exist. 
Dave Cockrum Suarceen Print
Signed & Numbered

 Defiant Poster - Beyond the Imaginary Limits
Image source: Heritage Auctions

Other DEFIANT Related Items  
Defiant Comics has other branded items... 
Shown below are some known items which exist. 
The Comic Collector Software
(AbleSoft Software) 
Abelsoft Comic Collector Software - Front

The Comic Collector Software - Back

Abelsoft Comic Collector Software - Back

The Comic Collector Software - Contents

Abelsoft Comic Collector Software - Contents

See Also: Heroes Illustrated Magazine Software ad
Computer Screen Saver
(Windows 3.1)

Defiant Screen Saver Envelope
DEFIANT Screen Saver Envelope

DEFIANT SAcreen Saver Floppy Disk

DEFIANT Screen Saver Floppy Disk

Defiant Screensaver Envelope Contents
Image source: Ebay Auction

Defiant Screen Saver Images
The DEFIANT Screensaver Images
(posted as an animated gif)
DEFIANT T-Shirt, Watch & Baseball Cap

Image source: Advertisement
Warriers of Plasm 
Limited Edition
Pin Set 
Image source: Advertisement
DEFIANT Logo Badge

Image source: Direct Scan
Splatter Bowl I Pin

Image Source: Direct Scan
Note: This pin is red, green, blue, and gold. Some gold portions of the pin look greenish-black when scanned.
DEFIANT Box Cutter 
Image source: Direct Scan
(Given away with the "Birth of the Defiant Universe" Promotional Comic)

Birth of the Defiant Universe Gloves
Birt of the Defiant Universe Envelope 
Birth of the Defiant Universe Letter
Image source: Direct Scan(s)
Certificate of Completion to 
Jim Shooter's "How To Create Comics" Seminar
Image source:  Scan submitted by Defiant Comics creator Pauline Weiss
Thanks! Not to scale!
Handout Packet for Jim Shooter's 
"How To Create Comics" Seminar
(Includes DEFIANT comics button, pencil & DEFIANT comics notepad)
DEFIANT Comics Seminar Packet

DEFIANT Seminar Packet Contents