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Defiant Newsletter

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Defiant Newsletter
Date 1994
Cover Price Free 
Pages 4
Writer(s) Jan C. Childress
Notes/Plot Summary
This is the first and only known DEFIANT Newsletter. This newsletter was known to be a give-away item at the 1994 Chicago Comic-Con. This newsletter features an interview with Prudence & Caution writer Chris Claremont. It has an article about the SCHISM crossover event (unpublished). It promotes a gun exchange program that Defiant Comics did with Football Hall of Famer, Franco Harris for the Pittsburgh Police Department. It mentions the "Bad Guys" contest which was being judged for the Good Guys series. It mentions Jim Shooter's "How To Create Comics" seminar tour. It promotes Glory #0 and Great Grimmax #0

Notable Quotes: Jan Childress while interviewing Chris Claremont says "I know Jim's style is to allow his universe to follow a natural evolution in which loose ends seem to resolve themselves"

Read the DEFIANT Newsletter here.
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