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  Defiant Genesis 1

    • no Comicfest '93 banner on the cover 
    • no card insert
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Warriors of Plasm
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Defiant Genesis 1 (No Comicfest Banner, No Card Insert)
Story title N/A
Date October 1993
Cover Price Free Promotional Giveaway
Pages 20
Writer(s) Uncredited
Penciler/Artist(s) David Lapham, Alan Weiss, Adam Polina (uncredited) 
Cover Artist(s) Alan Weiss (pencils), Janet Jackson (colors)
Inker Uncredited
Colorist Janet Jackson (uncredited)
Letterer Uncredited 
Editor Uncredited
Characters Various
Known Variants: 3 variants are known to exist. 
1) Comicfest '93 Banner on cover (no card insert)
2) Comicfest '93 Banner on cover (with a Dark Dominion card insert). 
3) No Comicfest '93 Banner on cover and no card insert. 

This comic was reprinted in "The Origin of Defiant Comics #1

A signed version exists (See notes below)

Notes/Plot Summary
This is a series of short text stories providing insight into the Defiant Universe and it's origin. This is the least common version of this comic to appear for sale. It is believed that this version was sold through the Home Shopping Network on television.

Signed versions exist with the following Certificate of Authenticity. Signed comics and Certificates of Authenticity can be forged, so they are not listed on the checklist. 

Defiant Certificate of Authenticity Genesis

Observed Prices1
Price  Date Store Location
$8.85 12/28/03 Mile High Comics
$6.44 (~VF)
thatssh-79 (Ebay Store)
Ebay (online listing)
1Many auctions use stock photos. Not all retailers are aware that three different versions exist. Care must be taken to verify that the correct version is being purchased.