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Good Guys 4

Good Guys
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Good Guys 4
Story title:  "Seduction of the Innocent"
Date February 1994
Cover Price:  $3.25
Pages 52 (including the cover)
Writer(s) Jim Shooter , Janet Jackson, Jan Childress
Penciler/Artist(s):  Greg Boone w/ Charles LaQuinta
Cover Artist(s):  Greg Boone (pencils), Charles Yoakum (inks), Janet Jackson (colors) 
Inker Charles Yoakum, Kurt Hoff
Colorist Marcus David
Letterer:  Agnes Pinaha
Editor:  Ed Polgardy
Characters The Good Guys, Chasm, Nudge, Dan Neale, 
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
Parts of this story are contnued from Dark Dominion #4.
The Good Guys recoup from last issue's defeat at the hands of super-powered criminally-insane bad guys. They stagger away from the attack barely escaping with their lives. Chasm the culprit who was responsible for the attack escapes with the enchanted box that seemingly gave everyone their super-abilities. "Nobody" catches up to Chasm and they discuss the previous attack peacefully. The insane bad guys hijack a Fed Ex truck and get away.  Heater, not yet a member of the Good Guys, visits the home of Dan Neale. Dan Neale oddly offers Heater a beverage and then sneaks away discretely and leaves Heater sitting in his home alone. Dan goes soaring across the neighborhood with his power of flight. He ponders his daughter's "racy leotard" as he visually scans the neighborhood with hopes of finding her. Dan checks out the theater, doesn't see Laura leaving the "Ace Ventura" movie so he flys home. He decides the kids probably need an adult "Professor X" type of leader. The bad guys show up at one of their brother-in-law's home. They cause havoc and kill the brother-in-law. Recon shows up just in time to save a baby. The rest of the Good Guys follow and it becomes an all out battle with the bad guys again. The scene skips to Chasm introducing "Nobody" to his staff. Chasm rudely slips out and goes to Disneyland where he is shown a "sky-rift". Chasm decides it is a doorway to the Plasm world and plans to use one of the Plasm world's "bug-like gadgets" to open the door. Chasm decides that "Nobody" is the perfect Guinea pig to try it first. Nudge shows up at Disney World and she has some huge hips now!  It is not clear what she'd been eating to gain these hips, or how she found Chasm, or how she even knew about him. The book pretty much assumes you were reading Plasm and Dark Dominion, but doesn't clarify any of the premises. Chasm meanwhile evades Nudge by slipping into the Dark Dominion world. Chasm manipulates a crowd using their fear and has them attack Nudge. Nudge finds a bunch of "real tourists" to fight Chasm's fear induced evil doers. A battle in the park breaks out between normal people and Nudge slips out of the crowd and chases after Chasm by focusing on his thoughts. Nudge startles Chasm by yanking him back into the real world. Chasm mocks Nudge and tells her that her powers are almost tapped out. "Nobody" eventually gets fed up with Chasm's rude departure and escapes from Chasm's staff. The Good Guy vs. the bad guys rages on until the house they were in collapses. The Good Guys win and only narrowly save the poor innocent baby. Nudge, still in battle with Chasm, starts overtaking his mind and forces him to go into the Plasm World where he'd planned on go anyway. Some punishment huh? Shockingly, "Nobody" knows exactly where Chasm was battling Nudge. He shows up just in time for Nudge's victory. Nudge shockingly knows all about the Good Guys. Even though there no evidence she's ever met them, she knows where they are and she knows they are worried about "Nobody". Nudge sends "Nobody" over to the bad guy's brother-in-law' collapsed home in a Limo. Once "Nobody" catches up to his team, they have no idea who Nudge is, but figure she must be good if she got rid of Chasm. The kids reveal that Chasm threw the enchanted box away. They claim "something else is making wishes come true." By the time Laura gets to her home with the Good Guys, her dad is waiting. Dan Neale tells the kids he is now their leader, and Heater is their new team member. 

There is a big relief if you can get through this without shell shock. It is sense-numbing in a bad way. This oversized comics epitomizes Defiant at it's very lowest point of quality. This is the time frame where Defiant's story quality dipped and it really needed to be it's best. Jim Shooter was probably sitting in a courtroom defending his lawsuit against Marvel at this point. 

Some individual plot elements in this are great, but the overall plot was schizophrenic. It's thrown at you from all angles. Scenes magically transition without any logical explanation how the events could transpire the way they do. The reader is forced to take the events at face value even though they really make no sense. The dialogue is sometimes stunning, but other times it's pointless and vague. It's like several wonderful plots were conceptualized, but the writer(s) didn't know how to work out the details so they merged several plots into one and tossed a coin.  It is also possible that the script writer didn't understand why certain details and transitions are important to a reader.  The art is fairly consistent with the previous issues even though the team changed. Many pages are actually an improvement, but towards the end some pages do get weaker. The coloring carried some of the weaker pages. Despite the drop in quality here, it does not ruin the overall quality of the series. Towards the end of  this series, the quality of the whole Defiant Universe had improved. 

Notable Quotes: Chasm speaking to Nobody says "Listen, always be careful not to become solid while you're sharing space with any real-world object. Even a piece of paper will slice you in half." 


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This is the orignal color art for the cover. (Click to enlarge)
Good Guy 4 Color Cover Art

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