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Dorian Tenore
November 1993 Source:  Good Guys #1
When I was a kid, I dreamed of being the star of my own story. But no damsel-in-distress stories for me--I wanted to be Wonder Woman, a pirate queen, or at least the female Sam Spade! So naturally I loved the idea of THE GOOD GUYS Casting Call Contest, wherein real kids could become comic book superheroes or heroines. 
  Of all the duties I've performed here at DEFIANT, perhaps the one O enjoyed the most was calling the eight winners of THE GOOD GUYS contest and living my dream vicariously through them. If only I had a dime for every shout of "Wow!" or "This is great!" or "I can't believe it!... and that was just from our real-life Good Guys' parents! 
  Believe m, it wasn't easy for our judges to narrow down the tidal wave of entrants down to Paul, Matt, Reggie, Dan, Jenni, Jeff, Laura, and Zack. When Clark Smith and the rest of our staff set THE GOOD GUYS Casting Call Contest in motion, we had no idea we'd get such a huge response. Thousands of entry forms accompanied by either essays or artwork, poured into our post office box--to say nothing of the last minute entries that came straight to the office via Federal Express, Express Mail, and even fax.  
  From this response, we found out that not only do we have tons of fans but also that we have tons of talented fans with fascinating ideas! From coast to coast and even Europe and Asia, entrants dazzled us with terrific artwork, essays both witty and moving, and detailed "biographies" of every kind of superhero they could dream up. We were astonished at the number of aspiring young artists and writers influenced by comic books. If even half of these budding creators are able to bring their talents into the comic book industry, the field could have a new Golden Age! 
  But what especially struck me was that just about every entrant we received mail from, or whom I talked with, seemed genuinely nice--goodhearted, enthusiastic, and often eager to use his or her hypothetical superpowers to make the world a better place in some way. Many entries addressed social or environmental problems, ranging from substance abuse to racism to recycling. I was glad to see that the contest encouraged people to join forces: Entries came from an entire grade-school or high-school classes or library study groups.  
  The greatest thing was that entrants' parents were often comic fans themselves, as excited about the contest as the kids were. It was obvious that many parents were heavily involved with their children, sharing and caring about their interests. That's a far cry from the days of parents throwing away their kids' comics, dismissing them as juvenile or plain junk. THE GOOD GUYS isn't either: Both parents and kids will find themselves caught up in the complex and well-crafted fictional adventures of our real-life Good Guys. Paul, Matt, Reggie, Dan, Jenni, Jeff, Laura, and Zack, welcome to the DEFIANT family--the DEFIANT Universe will be safer in your hands. 
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