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Transcribed Introduction
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Here is a  transcribed Introduction by
David Lapham
November 1993 Source: Warriors of Plasm: The Collected Edition
They all wanted to kill me. 
  "Not another batch of pages with ten thousand little guys running around shooting at each other!" said the inker, said the colorist whose lives I'd made eminently more difficult. 
"What can I do?" I said. "It's in the story! It says 'The hordes of PLASM attack our heroes.' So I draw the hordes of PLASM." 
  Fans will come up to me and say, "PLASM was really great--I love the story." Thank you. That's a compliment to every single creator who has worked on the project. 
  Comics are a collaborative medium. Plot, layout, finished pencils, script, inks, coloring, lettering, and editing all serve to convey the story and, most important, to advance and enhance the story. A comic is a creative chain, only as strong as it's weakest link.  
  The final result of the collaboration on WARRIORS of PLASM is the trade paperback you hold in your hands. It's the story of a revolution, and of five ordinary human beings who find themselves caught up in the middle of it. It's a story complete with murder, betrayal, sex, flying fish, living clothes, noodleworms, a drunken emperor, a sports game so violent that only victors get to walk off the field, and eight foot high dog named Killer, mad genetic experiments, Sludge Slaves--and oh, 
yes, ten thousand little guys running around shooting at each other (or more specifically, at our five now-extraordinary humans). All of this and more is wrapped up and neatly packaged on a living world called PLASM, where to kill your neighbor is perfectly acceptable but failure to recycle him is a capital offense.  
  So I draw the armies of Zom soldiers; cityscapes of strange architecture; droves of Plasmoids with weird hair, odd-numbered limbs, and antlers. When my cohorts threaten to kill me, I just smile. I know they're just busting my chops. They love this stuff. This is fun.  
  They know it's part of the story. That's what I told them. Actually the truth is far simpler than that.... 
  I'm crazy.

Trapped Beyond
the Imaginary Limits

David Lapham
December 1993




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