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Transcribed Editorials
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 Debbie Fix
July 1994 Source:  Dogs of War #4
Wow! I've just had the quickest, most interesting, fun filled ten weeks of my entire career. 
 You may have noticed we've had a few editorial changes take place here at DEFIANT over the past couple of months. As happens in most businesses, especially new businesses, people come and people gofor a variety of reasons.
 Well, as we were in one of those "people going (Ed Polgardy) while waiting for people (Pauline Weiss) to come on board" modes, someone (Jim Shooter) noticed that I got in a little early every morning and, well, the next thing I know I'm editing Warriors of PLASM, Dark Dominion, Good Guys, and Dogs of War (Now I'm leaving a little later every evening). I was really beginning to enjoy this side of the business when--Pauline arrived. I tried to persuade her to take over my real job (General Manager) and let me keep editing the books, but to no avail. Finally we reached a compromise--I'll get to do mini-series like Dogs of War, and, you'll probably see my name again as editor on some special projects that we have planned.
 You may be asking yourself how the office manager could become a part-time editor? Let me tell you, I think it was osmosis. At Valiant I was the office manager, there, I had the privilege and opportunity to work with and learn how comic books were created and written from Jim Shooter. He makes it look easy, but let me assure you, it isn't.
 Something I've learned from him is that this is a very special medium. It takes people who really love an care about what they are doing to create universes, storylines, characters, and exciting adventures for kids and adults to escape to and enjoy over and over again. Jim is truly someone who cares about and loves this industry and he definitely has the vision, talent, and ability to publish an incredibly exciting and different universe.
 I also had the opportunity to learn a lot about storytelling by pencilers like Don Perlin and David Lapham, to see how a penciled page could be enhanced by a talented inker like Stan Drake, and finally how those same pages could be brought to life by talented painters like Jade Moede and Janet Jackson. Last but not least, were the people who did the lettering like Ken Lopez and George Roberts, who give their words in the stories a character of their own. 
 I loved my job at Valiant and I love my job here, but the one thing that I've discovered in the past ten weeks (something I think Jim, Janet, and David already knew) is how much more exciting it is to be a part of the creative process--no matter what the creative contribution is...

                          Debbie Fix

P.S.       Unfortunately Ken Lopez's name did not appear as the other letterer on the credits page of Dogs of War #2. An oversight on my part so, I would like to thank him for his part on the May issues.
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