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Dogs of War 3

Dogs of War
Cover Gallery
Dogs of War 3
Story title:  "I've Got a Little List..."
Date June 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Art Holcomb, Jim Shooter
Penciler/Artist(s):  Georgés Jeanty
Cover Artist(s):  uncredited (J.G. Jones?)
Inker Bob Downs, David Miller
Colorist(s) Corey Adams
Letterer:  Agnes Pinaha
Editor:  Debbie Fix
Characters Shooter, OprahWinfrey, Montel Williams, Sally Jesses Raphael, Geraldo Rivera, 
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
Shooter awakens one morning with intent of stopping some crime. He takes a taxi to Times Square, but just misses a drug related crime. A few hours later he decides to drink a few beers and enjoy a topless show in a strip club. While there, a stripper tells him that if he's looking for bad guys, most of them are carrying brief cases, not guns. 
 Shooter goes home and finally gets an idea to go after the tobacco industry because of an episode of Geraldo. A man featured on the show is in jail because he sought vengeance against the tobacco industry because of cigarettes killing his wife. Weeks later Shooter has collected enough information and an address to go after a tobacco executive that he believes is responsible for the woman's death. He arrives at the executive's home. He turns invisible and slips past the security guards. His first goal is to find the safe. While searching, he finds some interesting papers on a desk. He gathers them to take and also beats up a few security guards that catch him in the act. The executive he was looking for is out of town. The police sirens wail, so he makes a hasty escape. 
 The next day Shooter is reading the papers he stole and he sees a cover-up by another tobacco executive. The cover-up involves forcing workers to pick wet tobacco in the rain knowing that the tobacco contained a virus which could be spread in this manner. Shooter flies to Virginia to meet the executive and catches him forcing his workers to do the very task that made others seriously ill. Shooter pile up the tobacco leaves on top of the man and stuffs his mouth full of the virus infected tobacco. He takes a picture. Days later, he writes a warning letter to the tobacco industry that he will repeat this to anyone who sends the workers out into dangerous conditions. 
 By this time, the first tobacco executive has increased security on his home. Shooter breaks in again. He defeats the security guards one by one as well as the attack dogs. Shooter robs the safe, and leaves the executive a warning note. 
Shooter then breaks the man out of jail--the one he'd seen on Geraldo-- and gives him the money to go live a free life. 
The story ends with the tobacco executive releasing a study that does connect cigarettes and lung cancer. 

Note: According to series writer Art Holcomb, "Jim Shooter gave me the plots that he wanted for issues #1 and #8. I wrote and plotted the remainder of the stories in the mini-series." The plots to the rest of the series reportedly still exist. 

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$3.00 12/28/03 Mile High Comics
$3.99 12/28/03 N/A