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Dogs of War 2

Dogs of War
Cover Gallery
Dogs of War 2
Story title:  "What Makes Brothers..."
Date May 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Art Holcomb
Penciler/Artist(s):  Georgés Jeanty
Cover Artist(s):  J.G. Jones
Inker Bob Downs, David Miller
Colorist(s) Su McTeigue
Letterer:  Agnes Pinaha, Ken Lopez
Editor:  Debbie Fix
Characters Mouse, Shooter
Known Variants: Signed version with DEFIANT Comics "Certificate of Authenticity"
Notes/Plot Summary
A bomb is detonated on Manhattan bridge by terrorist. Mouse and Shooter have been drinking for hours to celebrate putting the porn queen out of business in issue #1. On the cab ride home, Shooter insists on one stop at the hospital. Shooter sees fit to go track down the battered porn queen in the hospital and  beat the hell out of her again. As one hospital employee states "it sounds like someone is murdering that woman in 14B". Shooter, ill from drinking, vomits afterwards.  

While at the hospital, Shooter and Mouse learn of the bridge explosion. Patients are filling the emergency room. Shooter and Mouse head down to the bridge to save lives and pull wreckage from the partially collapsed bridge. Mouse gets home later and finds out his uncle was killed in the explosion.  

A week later, Shooter and Mouse meet again. Mouse tells Shooter about the explosion and his uncle dying. Shooter insists on finding the people responsible and wants to "skrag those guys". Mouse insists that they do things his way and ultimately use the court system.  

Meanwhile, at a consulate in New York City, we discover the terrorists involved are being protected there and plans are underway to smuggle them out of the country. Shooter goes invisible and infiltrates the FBI. He learns that red tape will stop the terrorists from coming to justice. Mouse and Shooter dress up to attend a consulate reception as uninvited guests. Shooter gets in first and finds the terrorists. Shooter also overhears their plan to escape the country. 

Down below, Mouse is still held up at the door as Shooter starts attacking the terrorists. Mouse gets in as all security is sent to stop Shooter. They catch the terrorist, but the ambassador protecting them, gets away. Shooter catches up to the ambassador, but the ambassador protects himself behind secure doors. Shooter breaks a gas line because he knows that the ambassador smokes cigars. Shooter leaves. He warns everyone else to evacuate because a bomb will be going off soon. Ten minutes goes by, the ambassador exits his protective shelter and his lighter triggers a huge gas explosion. Injuries and deaths occur. Mouse and Shooter disagree on how justice should be administered. They part ways with their friendship seemingly ended. 

Note: According to series writer Art Holcomb, "Jim Shooter gave me the plots that he wanted for issues #1 and #8. I wrote and plotted the remainder of the stories in the mini-series." The plots to the rest of the series reportedly still exist. 

Signed versions exist with the following Certificate of Authenticity. Signed comics and Certificates of Authenticity can be forged, so they are not listed on the checklist. 

Defiant Certificate of Authenticity DOW2

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$3.00 12/28/03 Mile High Comics
$2.99 12/28/03 N/A