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The Defiant Universe 
-The Published Script-
 In the beginning, the universe was barren. 
 It was and is a universe governed by quantum mechanics, where matter is also energy and particles are also waves. 
 It was and is a universe subject to the Uncertainty Principle, where in the act of observing alters that which is observed, where Gibraltars are made of shimmering insubstantialities-where reality is a work in progress, waiting to be shaped by a creative force. 

 What a dangerous place for life to arise! 

 Four billion years ago, life was conceived on Earth in a pool of primordial ooze, shattering the dark tranquility of the universe. 

 Earth's harsh environment resisted life's intrusion.  Again and again, catastrophes wrought near-total extinctions, threatening to restore the utter peace of emptiness. 

 But life is defiant.  It strives.  It endures.  It renews itself.  It drives itself into new niches, conquers new obstacles, and invents new forms. 

 Life creates. 

 Six million years ago, our kind evolved on Earth, bringing the vast creative power of our minds to life. 

 Though our minds are very powerful, our senses are very weak.  They glean only scant bits of chemical, mechanical, and electromagnetic data, providing us with only a hazy impression of the world. 

 We can conceive far more than we can perceive. 

 In a universe governed by quantum mechanics, our thoughts constitute a potent creative force. 

 There are exactly as many things in Heaven and Earth as are dreamt of in our philosophy.  But, blind to much of reality, we live in this world unaware of all that is in it. 

 All we imagine is real.  Only the limits are imaginary. 

 We think, therefore we shape the universe. 

 And, of course, we dream. 

 The first humans on Earth dreamed, and imagined that there was a place where dreams dwelt. 

 The place of dreams was here, but not quite here; it was just beyond the edge of darkness, just over the horizon, just out of reach. 

 It was called the Dreamtime. 

 For millions of years, it was built and enriched by the collective id of humankind.  It was home to all the stuff of their dreams-their myths, their memories, their fantasies...and their fears. 

 Seven centuries ago, there came upon the Earth a time of Black Death, a great and hideous dying that threatened to still the dreams of humankind forever. 

 And the place of dreams was darkened by death, fear, and desperation. 
 But the will to live runs strong in our kind, and that, too, was, manifest in the form of one who was skilled in the arts of science, magic, love, war, and lore-a Prince among the denizens of the Dreamtime. 

 His name was Arhq Tsolmec. 

 Driven by the despair of the dreamers, and given strength by their will, he sought a means to defeat death. 

 With his wife, Zahnree Phla, he began the ritual Dance of Two that would empower life. 

 Now, those who dwelt in the Dreamtime did not how their world came to be, and knew nothing of the dreamers.  They believed in their own existence, and thought that the despair scourging them was their own, even as Arhq Tsolmec believed that his desire to quell death was his own. 
 Nor were the denizens of the Dreamtime free of all the base, cruel, and petty instincts of their begetters. 

 Some who were jealous of Arhq Tsolmec attempted to steal the secret of his ritual for themselves, to gain for themselves immortality. 

 These greedy few interrupted the Dance of Arhq Tsolmec and his beloved... 

 ...and brought chaos upon their world. 

 In that searing instant, the vast island nation of which Arhq Tsolmec was a Prince was utterly destroyed and sank forever beneath the waves.  No trace of Arhq Tsolmec remained, nor could any trace of his beloved be found.  And, from that moment, there was a great schism between the Dreamtime and the Earth. 

 It was the end of the Dreamtime as it was, and had been, and the beginning of a nightmare. 

 It was also, perhaps, the beginning of the end of our world and our kind.