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The DEFIANT/Schism Timeline 
-from unpublished creator notes1-
1350  • The Black Death has spreads across Asia, Africa and Europe  
 • Ahrq Tsolmec and Zahnrhee perform the Dance of Two [War Dancer #2 
 • The Dance of Two causes the SCHISM between Earth and the Dreamtime 
 • Zahnrhee is swallowed by the Feathered Serpent and becomes the Org 
 • Thrakahl is thrown to Earth by the mystic energies of the Dance  
 • The Wizards are thrown to the Quantum Plane of Earth
1850  • Thrakahl begins to build Avalon as a refuge for Quantum heroes 
1926  • Mule becomes trapped on the quantum substratum
1929  • Mule organizes demonkind and becomes the ruler of the Dark Dominion
1962  • Viet Nam war begins 
1971  • Pete Smith is listed as MIA [Charlemagne #1 
 • Charles Mal discovers the quantum substratum 
1973  • Charles Smith seeks his brother, Pete, in Viet Nam [Charlemagne #1 
 • Charles Smith loses his brother and his legs in an attack [Charlemagne #1 
 • Charles Smith is in a coma, cared for by Doc Tran Nguyen [Charlemagne #1 
 • Withdrawal of American forces from Viet Nam  
 • Doc Nguyen cares for Charles after American withdrawal [Charlemagne #1
1992 • Lorca pierces the reality veil, discovers the Earth [Warriors of Plasm # 0
1993  • Charles Smith awakens from his coma, with his legs regenerated and enhanced strength [Charlemagne #1 
 • Michael Alexander enters the quantum substratum [Dark Dominion #0 
 • Michael Alexander becomes aware of Chasm and the Bowels [Dark Dominion #0 
 • Lorca creates five Earth warriors on Plasm [Warriors of Plasm #1 
 • Revolution on Plasm sparked by the Earth warriors [Warriors of Plasm #2-4 
 • Lorca becomes emperor of Plasm [Warriors of Plasm #4] 
 • Many people get their wishes in Anaheim, CA; seven of them band together to form the Good Guys [The Good Guys #1 
 • Michael Alexander & Chasm's first confrontation [Dark Dominion #1 
 • The Org of Plasm begins to weaken from starvation [Warriors of Plasm GN] 
 • Charles Mal's "smart" building unveiled [Dark Dominion #3 
 • Emp Hortch tries to take back rule of the Org from Lorca [Warriors of Plasm GN] 
 • Sueraceen checks on Prudence imprisoned in the Org [Warriors of Plasm #5 
 • The Good Guys meet Heater [The Good Guys #2 
 • The Org begins to feed on itself [Warriors of Plasm #6] 
 • The Good Guys are helped by Glory [The Good Guys #2 
 • Prudence escapes from her prison [Warriors of Plasm #6 
 • The Org is attacked by alien worlds [Warriors of Plasm #6-7 
 • Nudge achieves is in mental contact with the Org [Warriors of Plasm #7-9 
 • Nudge returns to Earth [Warriors of Plasm #9 
 • The Great Grimmax goes to Earth [Warriors of Plasm #9
1994   • Chasm discovers the existence of the Org [Dark Dominion #4] 
 • Chasm discovers the Good Guys secret of the Wish Box [The Good Guys #3 
 • Nudge sends Chasm to the Org [The Good Guys #4 
 • Charles Smith fights Ngu [Charlemagne #0 
 • War Dancer comes to Earth [War Dancer #1 
 • Charles Smith Fights War Dancer [Charlemagne #2 
 • Charles Smith has a press conference, demonstrates his strength [Good Guys #6 
 • The Good Guys oppose the Master and meet Charles Smith [Good Guys #6-7 
 • Michael Alexander meets Galahad and Peaches [Dark Dominion #7 
 • War Dancer battles Plasm warriors Mister Massacre and Spearhead [War Dancer #2-3 
 • Michael Alexander meets the Puritan [Dark Dominion #8-9 
 • Michael Alexander discovers that physical pain can be deferred on the Quantum plane, and develops the ability to affect solid objects in the hard world [Dark Dominion #9] 
 • The Puritan is destroyed [Dark Dominion #9 
 o Billy Ballistic empowered by War Dancer with flight and quantum vision [War Dancer #4] 
 • Good Guys get their benefactor and headquarters [The Good Guys #8 
 o Four other children empowered by Wish Box band together [Good Guys #8] 
 • Bottom and Mule attempt to manifest on the hard world [Charlemagne #3 
 • Charles Smith vs. Cookie (Nudge) Wazenegger [Charlemagne #4 
 • Chasm and Preach steals the soul of Zahnrhee with the assistance of Preach [Warriors of Plasm #10 
 • The Org runs out of control [Warriors of Plasm #11 
 • Chasm mulched [Warriors of Plasm #11 
 o Michael Alexander brings the Wish Box to Avalon [Dark Dominion #10] 
 o Chasm arises as the Dark God [Warriors of Plasm #12] 
 o Charles Smith battles War Dancer in Angkor Wat [War Dancer #6] 
 o The Good Guys defeat the other four children [Good Guys #9]
1 Thanks to Pauline Weiss for this contribution. The original content was reformatted and modified to remove strike-through text and typographical errors. The underlined text was kept from the original file source.