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Schism #4 Plot Notes  
-from unpublished creator notes1-
SCHISM # 4 plot 
•Michael and Nudge are making short hops through quantum space, escaping from Chasm. Nudge is in BAD shape. We see the state of Earth (in quantum) as they go.  
•Cut to the Master using his viewscreens to check on things. We see the state of real Earth. He explains they see the world crumbling-people becoming aware -Like Lorca said, they are living up to "the potentialities of their spirits".  
•Nudge has been flayed and burned and raked with Demonica's claws, she was dying when M. took her quantum to save her life. 
•Cut to Judah. Have a scene that show his viewpoint, gets his take on things.  
•Cut to Hortch and Lictor on Earth. Get their view.   
•Cut to Kreep, Canker, and Toxin wreaking havoc in the wake of War Dancer and Charlemagne leaving. 
•Schism #3.  
•Cut to Avalon to establish where we left off last issue. War Dancer and Sally/Zahnrhee are  attempting the dance of two. Maybe the establishing shot could echo the first time we see it but with dark clouds and destruction and energy all around.  
•Cut to Mule and hordes attacking Avalon. 
•Cut to Chasm also attacking Avalon.  
•Cut to Thrakahl and the defenders. 
•Cut to Charlemagne fighting the serpent/spirit.  
•Cut to the Wizards. 
•Cut to the Dance of Two. It is not going well. 
•The Master attacks as per his deal with Chasm.  
•All seems lost.  
•The Spell is not good because of Sally. They start again. 
•Fight serpent--Charlemagne. 
•To the walls  
•Cut to the Dance of Two. 
•The Org is held at bay.  
•Chars escaping.  
•Cut to Prudence as Styx comes for her.  
The only color art piece ever done for the Schism project.   
•Cut to Shooter as Styx comes for him. He refuses to leave the fight. 
•Cut to Mouse as Styx comes for him.  
•Cut to Grimmax as Styx comes for him.  
•Charlemagne heroic. 
•Sally and War Dancer heroic. 
•Defenders heroic. 
•Reinforcements heroic. 
•Bad guys held at bay. 
•Chasm is furious and scolds the Master. The Master won't take that kind of attitude.  
•The Master takes his toys and goes home! The heroes gain. 
•Thrakahl goes to help Charlemagne.  
•Thrakahl throws Char. the sword of Nod.  
•Charlemagne wounds the serpent/spirit and the thing reels back. 
•Nudge and Michael slip into Avalon.  
•Peaches asks them "Where's Galahad?"  
•Fabiano is helping and is hurt bad?  
•The serpent thrashes around and damages the spell. 

•Thrakahl tries to help. He's too close to the magical energies. 
•Nudge will sacrifice herself. 
•Michael helps her.  
•The serpent swallows Nudge, despite Charlemagne's help fighting the serpent. 
•The spell comes together Chasm Mule Master Heroes World Everyone as if wakening from a dream. 
•Over. Mortals on Earth. Quantum on the Quantum plane.  
•Thrakahl is gone. 
•Fabiano becomes the new ruler of Avalon, inspired by the sacrifices of the folk.  
•Michael stays Q. because of his injuries. 
•Chasm in Pandemonium--Loyal troops rule-- Earth. 
•Mule in Org--loyal troops-- rule Earth. The serpent has Nudge. 
•The Master explains.  
•The heroes need to go home. Igo and Spellcaster get them home. 
•Sally/Zahnrhee --War Dancer.
1 Thanks to Pauline Weiss for the original text contribution. It has been reformatted to HTML for this site. Abbreviations have been kept intact. Minor punctuation, typographical errors, and spacing corrections were done to the original text. The color art was painted by Janet Jackson and this piece is owned by the site.