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Schism #3 Plot Notes  
-from unpublished creator notes1-
SCHISM #3 Plot 

• The Master is having a tantrum. Thumb in his mouth, hugging himself, he's screaming "Is my fort ready?" to the appalled and nervous foreman of the job. His nanny, beside herself with worry, tries to comfort him. They are in a temporary tech center, housing the Master's computers and view screens.  
• The Foreman says no. He tries to explain but the Master cuts him off. The tantrum escalates. The Master has the guy killed (by robots-non human, activated by voice command). The Nanny is appalled, scared, afraid to say anything critical or reproving.  
• The Master goes to his fortress, which is just about finished and soon will be. Robots are at work all over it. It is an impregnable Polyhedron (octahedron- like a soccer ball). It is built to survive in space if the Earth were destroyed.  
•The Master explains to nanny about humankind becoming aware due to the schism. He has been researching the recent events and has discovered that because of rifts between the real world and the dreamtime, wishes (dreams) are coming true. Also Mankind's awareness (their senses) is expanding and people are perceiving more of the Quantum plane and their perception of the Q. plane is starting to make the stuff real.  
• After explaining all this to nanny he checks with the computer to make sure it got all that and maybe asks for a theory or something. We find out that the nanny (and other human employees) have implants that are hooked into an A.I. (artificial intelligence) and each employee is, in essence, an input station for the computer. 
•The Master lost his island base of operations in GG# 6 & 7. In #7 there is a good idea of what kind of equipment he would have in the new base also. The nanny is established there also.  
•The master's robots are all nonhuman industrial type robots.  
•Our theory is that perception affects reality, so when folks see the demons and stuff on the Q. Plane, their belief embues the things with reality. 
• Cut to Warriors of Plasm-Glory, Preach, Lorca, Gossamerand the Good Guys-Scrag, Spellcaster, Recon, Flex, Heater, Front- on the Growth-Bridge winning against the Plasm forces led by Sueraceen. Victory! The Plasm forces fall back in disarray. But in the course of the battle we see that a few Ariaks and Life Scourges have gotten through.  
•All the reference for Plasm battle troops are in Warriors of Plasm and the card set. 
• The heroes are exhausted and see Thrakahl's ally, Mule, coming up the growth-bridge behind them to help (they think). 
• Mule's army surrounds the unsuspecting heroes and attacks them-clobbering them. Takes them prisoner and proceeds up the ever more unstable growth to Plasm (which is still straining and fighting the growth.).  
•Mule and his demon army should be found in Schism # 2.  
•Perhaps the space behind the Org is weird and other dimensional.  
• Mule realizes that he is getting stronger as he gets closer to Plasm. He thinks this is a pretty good thing. By the time he gets to Plasm he is as powerful as Chasm was in WOP # 10 & 11. 
•He conquers Plasm. It is pretty much leaderless and chaotic. So he fights his way to the imperial centrum and declares himself Emperor.  
•See WOP#12 (plot) for the state of affairs on Plasm. 
• Mule encounters Hortch (probably in the centrum). Perhaps Hortch has made a bid for power amidst the chaos. Mule extracts the secret of his link with the Org. Here, using Mule, we explain the serpent and show it. Maybe a bonding ceremony?  
•Hortch escapes since Mule essentially ignores him and doesn't need him any more. Hortch uses a transportron to take him and Lictor to Earth. Mule takes command of the Org.  
• Mule prods/spurs the serpent on to resist the growth and get to the Earth (to eat it). The Org is pushing through the growth.  
• Mule regroups & his forces.  
•Hortch has a hereditary or traditional mental link with the Org's mind, which was the spirit of Zahnrhee and the feathered serpent. This was what allowed him to remain Emp even though he was such a loser. 
Page 12 Schism Unpublished Art to Issue #3
• Cut to Chasm after he has ripped Michael's heart out and exulted in his victory. He swallows the pulsing, glowing (quantum) heart. Michael's body seems dead, but it has not dissolved into slymooze. (Kind of a hint that the death may not be complete)  
•He sees that the Org is pushing through the restraining growth. He summons Demonica (who is torturing Nudge). Chasm orders her to dump Michael's body and step up the pressure on Nudge--he needs the spirit of Zahnrhee worse than ever to contain the growth. He goes to fight the Org.  
•The scene is in Pandemonium- Chasm's hell designed in Schism #2. David put black bleed borders around all the hell scenes.   
•Chasm made Demonica real to be able to torture Nudge. 
• Nobody has found the dungeon while trying to hide from the demons that were chasing him. He's watching and listening from the shadows. As soon as Demonica leaves Nudge to go talk to Chasm he creeps to Nudge. Her light (life force) is low. (He becomes real to talk to her.) He wants to help her. She tells him to get a container. He says "What? What kind of container?" - "Any." He looks around. He remembers that he has the wish box. He holds it out. And in a brilliant flash of light Zahnrhee's soul goes into the box. "Go." He beats it.  
•Demonica returns. Begins again. Nudge smiles at the now idle threats. 
•Throughout Pandemonium the light is low and it's shadowy.  
•Nobody should be carrying the box with him up to this time in the previous issues. See how. 
• Cut to Chasm, The Dark God battling to restrain the Org. He has grown very large. The size relationship of Chasm to Org is about like an average human to a Winnebago. The Org has mutated into the serpent. The Org/serpent should be, visually, somewhere in between the Org and the serpent spirit on the Schism cover.  
•In Warriors of Plasm #12, we've established that Chasm can get big once he has become the Dark God. Also the Org/serpent is established in 12. 
• Cut to War Dancer and Charlemagne fighting guys whose (nightmarish, worst) wishes have come true. Toxin, Kreep, Canker. Toxin secretes a substance that is a reality poison. That is, it affects the way people perceive reality. In a normal human, it might drive them crazy, but in War Dancer it starts to narrow his awareness (of Quantum) and sap his will. Once he is weakened one of the bad guys hits him hard. War Dancer is despairing and hurt. Char. strives against the foes, nothing stops this guy. Igo comes and calls them back to Avalon despite the continuing disaster. They break off reluctantly and with difficulty. This is the big one to save the world. Charlemagne has to transport them because W.D. is injured. 
•Charlemagne has the ability to get the powers of someone he's in contact with for a period of time. Check on the latest update of his abilities. 
• Cut to Sally and Fabiano dancing on the mountain top. Sally is dancing, chanting, clicking her heels together, getting frantic. Fabiano is trying to placate and calm her. He thinks she's completely crazy. Finally, though, it works. She starts to fade out, and Fabiano says "Take me with you". She extends her hand.  
•In War Dancer #2, P.3 a similar scene takes place. 
• Cut to Thrakahl picking up the pieces in Avalon after Mule's treacherous attack. Peaches is there, helping and taking care of the injured Galahad, though she is injured, too. Thrakahl is probably attracted to Peaches, most men are. She's an archetype of a female hero- brave, bold, beautiful, but she also inspires people to honor.  
• They are told about Michael by one of Thrakahl's confederates who has been monitoring the world situation, and Galahad rises from his sickbed to go to help or revenge him. He is very weak and has trouble spin/dancing but finally goes.  
•Peaches and Galahad from DD#7. (Jeff, they can change clothes!) 
• Cut to the Master who is using his technology to look in on events around the world. He decides that Chasm is looking like a winner and goes to help. He gathers some equipment and heads for Disneyland. 
• Cut to Shooter opposing Truc in L.A. They are fighting in a shopping district where Truc had been leading some of his gang on a looting spree. Shooter is winning the fight.  
• Cut to Prudence fighting Stonewall. She picks him up and throws him, she hits him hard enough to drive him into a hillside but he just keeps coming --nothing hurts this guy! He gets in a few good hits on her, too. Finally she throws him onto the power lines of an Amtrak railway and while he's stunned she ties him and hangs him upside down from a tall power line tower while she goes to deal with the Org tentacle that is still ripping the heck out of New Jersey.  
• Grimmax is fighting some Ariaks and Life Scourges in New York City that got through the lines of the battle on the growth/bridge. They fly or hover by anti-gravity and are heavily armored. Probably three or four of the things are enough to do major damage and give Grimmax all the trouble he can stand. They will cause major damage and casualties.  

• Cut to Mouse sleeping soundly at home in bed.  
•Truc etc. appeared in Good Guys #5. 
•These things are programmed to kill people but they are also designed to get through enemy 
fortifications. See Cards.  
P&C #1 
• Cut back to Avalon. War Dancer, Charlemagne, Sally, and Fabiano arrive about the same time. Sally and Fabiano are shocked but for different reasons. Sally recovers quickly from the surprise and Fab. starts to think maybe he's dreaming. Billy Ballistic and White Crane show up, too.  
• The heroes look to War Dancer to provide the answers. After all, he designed and performed the original experiment that created the Schism. But W.D. is a fallen god, he doesn't have it in him. Sally tries to be Zahnrhee (method acting) to inspire him-doesn't work. Peaches offers to try-no dice. He's sunk in disgrace.  
• Nobody arrives with the soul of Z. Big scene where Sally volunteers to receive the soul and give herself as a vessel for it. The soul enters Sally.  
•BB and W.C. arrive from War Dancer # 6 . They were in Angkor Wat with Char. and WD. 
• But W.D. still no go. He's disgraced, weakened. Thrak. offers to take his place, seeing his "chance to unite with his beloved Z. at last" Sally protests in confusion, offended, but Thrak. winks at her to go along with the ruse. Then she plays it up "No,no a thousand times no." Thrak. tries to force her. Fabiano tries to save her--gets thunked. We get a sense, here, that Fab. is a real mensch "Dream or not, I won't let anyone hurt Sally". And W.D.'s ire is finally aroused.  
•Thrakahl and WD were rivals back in Quexal Kwa for Zahnrhee's affections and her hand. Listen to the Plasm audio tape for the back story.  
• War Dancer clocks Thrakahl "The things I do for love". W.D. " Thanks, I needed that". He realizes that they tricked him. They ready themselves for the dance. 
• Cut to the Master at Disneyland. The Master uses a thousand or so people he captures from Disneyland with men and robots armed with machine guns to empower a machine (with their dreams?) that creates quantum machinery to hold back the Org. The machinery that is created is mechanical looking, and shores up the growth and braces the still struggling Org. presumably the Master drives up to Disneyland in several RV's or buses filled with people, robots and one that unfolds into the machine, itself. 
•After this, Chasm comes to investigate this unexpected help and the Master presents his demands. He wants a nonaggression pact and guarantees off safety. Chasm questions why he should bother signing any such document and the Master replies that he could make all the machinery go away as easily as he built it.  
•Chasm signs (a fiery thumbprint?). Thanks, back to hell.  
• Cut to Michael (since you're only as dead as you think you are) He pulls himself together and goes 
searching for Nudge in Hell. 
• Demonica has just discovered that the soul of Zahnrhee is gone from Nudge when Michael finds them. Demonica knows that Chasm will kill her if he finds out. Just as D. really tears into Nudge, Michael clocks her. 
• He takes Nudge Quantum to save her life. Tries to get her out of Pandemonium and back to Avalon, but Chasm arrives in time to block the way. Galahad to the rescue. Gal. attacks Chasm, pushing him back. Michael gets away and twists them (he and Nudge) to Avalon. Galahad tries to spin, too, but is too slow because of his injuries and Chasm kills him.  
•Michael discovered that this trick works in DD#9. 
• Chasm, enraged that Nudge has escaped summons Demonica, who prudently does not reveal about the soul being gone. She may, however, worry about him finding out. To distract and help, she tells him of the original four magicians from Quexzal Kwa. He summons the them.  
• The Wizards conjure the serpent.  
• The Org goes numb/to sleep as the serpent leaves it. This upsets Mule. And the Good Guys and Warriors of Plasm escape from the sleeping Org.  
•The magicians are from WD#2, P.9. 

• THE DANCE OF TWO! And… Charlemagne fights the serpent. Thrakahl tries to help. The hordes of Mule attack Avalon--Chasm and demons attack Avalon. Billy and others defend. The heroes are losing. 

1 Thanks to Pauline Weiss for the original text contribution. It has been reformatted to HTML for this site. Abbreviations have been kept intact. Minor punctuation, spacing and font case corrections were done.