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Schism #2 Plot Notes  
-from unpublished creator notes1-
SCHISM # 2 Plot  
•Chasm is attacking Avalon. He is wreaking havoc and causing great destruction! Fighting him are: Thrakahl, Michael Alexander, etc., also Nobody is there and has the wish box with him (in a bag?). 
•War Dancer and Charlemagne show up and Chasm trashes them, too. 
•Nudge arrives, brought by Styx, amid all the chaos and Chasm goes for her. 
•Before Chasm can get to her, Mule shows up with an army of demons and they pour into the city. 
•These surprise reinforcements battle Chasm to a stand still. Chasm grabs Nudge and takes off. 
•Last ish. left off with Chasm attacking Avalon 
•Last ish. Nudge called to War Dancer to go to Avalon. 
•Chasm knows Nudge has the spirit of Zahnrhee. 

•Mule has retaken control over the Dark Dominion in Chasm's absence and control of the demons. Mule was the lord of the Dark Dominion before Chasm deposed him. 
•The heroes pick up the pieces after the battle. They discuss/argue their next moves. Mule saved them, people thank him. Michael is appalled by the very presence of Mule and the demons. They say they must find Nudge, but Michael will not work with demons and leaves, followed by Nobody. 

•Nobody asks Michael "Aren't you going to help?" Michael says he's going to find her himself. 

•Nobody wants to go with Michael but he refuses, saying that it's no place for kids. But N. says "I'm not afraid." Michael looks in his eyes and sees none. Says N. can come with. 

•Michael told Mule he would not deal with demons or their masters in DD#4 and again in DD#9. He refuses to deal with evil even for a good cause. 
•Cut to an establishing shot of the Org of Plasm, somewhat mutated. 

•Cut to Lorca, Preach, Glory, and Gossamer in the palace (or wherever they were at the end of WOP # 12). Lorca is receiving reports of upheavals and of his people returning to their pagan ways, sacrificing neoforms and such. He is trying to regain control of the situation. 
• Gossamer tried to kill Lorca in WOP #11 because her people were destroyed. She is probably still not happy. 
•The doors are kicked in and Sueraceen, Lord Leviathan, Strafelord Maxilla, and other military guys stride in with zoms and soldiers. 
•Lorca tries to order her to calm the populace and stuff. She refuses, saying "The Org has asserted its' will!" and accuses him of being antithetical to the will of the Org. He asks if she has come to assassinate him, but no, he's good in bed so she'll let him live. She has come for the infidels! Especially that Gossamer. 
•Sue has been religiously inspired by the Org taking over and wants to do the will of the Org. Sue might respect Preach and Glory, but they are still infidels. 
•Lorca and troops and heroes fight to protect Goss and themselves. Gossamer is impressed that Lorca would put himself at risk for her. 
•They fight and escape to parts unknown (for now). 
•Here is the beginning of Lorca and Gossamer's relationship. 
•Cut to Hortch and Lictor in some secret cave where they have been observing the recent events. Hortch is deciding that this is the time to reassert his Emp-ship. Lictor is less certain that this is a good idea, but Hortch is resolved.  
•They go off to accomplish this plan.  
•Watching all the chaos and upheaval, but especially the Sue/Lorca battle. 

•Cut to Lorca's centrum. Lorca commands his zoms to hold the fort and then he uses the equipment to try to figure out just what is going on. He sees tentacles from the Org reaching toward shimmering spots in space and disappearing into them. He realizes that the Org is peircing the reality veil to Earth. 
•As Sue and her troops come smashing in, slaughtering zoms and breaking down walls/doors, Lorca, Glory, Preach, and Gossamer use transportrons to escape (to Earth.)  
•The Org is mutating more and more and has smelled the earth and is trying to reach it.  
•They want to save the Earth, but it's also the only place to run.  
•Cut to Chasm arriving with Nudge at an underground nuclear test site from the 60's. A huge sphere, deep underground, with smooth walls of once molten rock.  
•Chasm begins to create structures using the raw, ambiant fear of the world and shaping it like a sculptor or stonemason.  
•He just builds what he needs at first- a prison for Nudge, a citadel for himself with a device to see the world.   
•Chasm laments the fact that Mule had time to take over control of all his demons and now he has no minions to do his bidding.   
•This area is probably radioactive and is irradiating Nudge fatally (eventually). 
•Perhaps Nudge is staked down during this.  
•Chasm also betrayed his minions the last time he saw them in DD#4. 
•Chasm hears a noise! He turns to see some demons lurking in the shadows. Demonica and some other demon lords and their servant demons or toadies. 
•These inform him that they are not loyal to Mule and are elder demons that predate Mule and Chasm both. They didn't like that upstart Mule when he first turned up. They don't like Chasm much either, but it looks like he might be the winning side.  
•Chasm appreciates Demonica's babe-a-licious qualities and she coils herself  laciviously and servilely around his legs.  
•He addresses them and shows them (on his new device) the world growing dark and the coming merger of all realities. The growth is growing out of control and the tentacles from the Org coming through rifts in the reality veil are ripping up stuff.  
•Demonica does not like him, hates him even, but is willing to be worshipful and servile. She's his new squeeze.  
•Here we make clear the difference between quantum and reality to the readers. 
•Chasm causes the growth to grow up and through the veil to wrap around and constrain the Org and hold it at bay. He does not want Earth destroyed, but he knows the growth won't hold it for long. 
•Chasm's plan (as related to Demonica) is to free the spirit of Zahnrhee and force it to go back to the Org. He needs the Org back under control.  
•They begin to torture Nudge. They stake her to the ground by peircing her legs and arms so that when she writhes in pain she does more damage. Then Demonica, with her long razor sharp claws meticulously carves a criss-cross pattern all over her and slowly flays the skin, bit by bit. As she pulls away each bit she forces Nudge to watch her roast and eat it, relishing.  
•"How?" asks Demonica. Chasm replies "Oh, it will go willingly once we're through with Nudge." Demonica says "That's myspecialty!" 
•The smell of burning flesh is offensive and upsetting, too. 
•Cut to Lorca and co. arriving on Earth and seeing the manifestations of the changes in reality. They see reality and thesubstratum flickering in and out, and the tentacles of the Org tearing up stuff and quantum demons raising heck. (since Chasm is raising hell) 
•They realize that they cannot do this alone and Glory says "I know where I can get some help." She goes off to find the Good Guys. 
•Lorca and Gossamer are sensitive to quantum as they are from Plasm (Goss. may have extra alien senses.) Preach has powers of seeing light and energy. Glory may be least sensitive. 
•Glory gets the GG's in GG#9. 
•Cut to Prudence looking out her window, seeing this tentacle flickering in and out of reality and tearing up stuff in bothworlds. 
•Miffed that something is damaging the world she wants to conquer, she leaves to go stop it. She doesn't want to be left with damaged goods. 
•On the way, she is passing through a wooded area and there is a big, armored, monsterlooking guy tearing up trees. It's Stonewall, newly transformed and amazed at what he can do, testing his power. 
•Shocked at someone discovering him he attacks her. 
•These tentacles are coming through both in the real world and the DD. They might also flicker back and forth. 
•Stonewall has just been transformed but we don't yet have an origin or abilities for him. He should be very tough. 
•Meanwhile, back on the Org, Sue and the other military types watching what the Org is doing realize that the Org wants todestroy the Earth. 
•When the growth comes up and restrains the Org, they (in their fervor to do the will of the Org) go streaming down the growth, using it as a bridge to attack the Earth and subdue it for the Org. 
•The growth/bridge grows up through the veil passing from quantum to dreamtime. But everything is fading in and out ofquantum and reality, too. 
•Cut to Lorca and co., the WOP. Glory returns with the Good Guys, minus Nobody, and they go to hold the bridge against the invaders. 
•Cut to Shooter off doing some mission of his own, ignoring all that is going on. 

•Cut to Sally with Fabiano, noticing the world getting weirder, seeing manifestations of the situation all over.  
•She blurts out to Fab. the whole situation. All about Avalon and War Dancer and everything. Even though all her dreams are finally coming true, she wants to go back and help. The fate of the world is at stake and she feels she must do something. She blurts out that she thinks she's in love with War Dancer, too. 
•Fabiano thinks she's flipped out and tries to calm her. 
•She wants to go back to Avalon and starts calling for Styx. After getting no response she demands Fab. to take her up somewhere high.  
•They leave to go drive to a mountain overlook.  
•Sally begins to realize that she has a role in all of this, but she doesn't know what it is. "I've always dreamed of being a star, but now I realize how selfish I've always been. For the first time in my life 
I want something selfless." 
•"Avalon was in the clouds, so take me somewhere up high!" 
•Cut to Thrakahl in the remains of Avalon watching all the stuff happening and sending Charlemagne and War Dancer andother troops out to help with the worst of it. -Quantum demons in the real world, new bad guys that have been created like:Kreep, Toxin, Canker.-' 
•New bad guys: Kreep has vine-like creepers up the sleeves of his trench coat. Toxin has poison spines. Canker has bad skin, makes things fall apart, decay, or lose cohesion. 
•Cut to Michael arriving at Hell. 
•Sentries see him and attack but he mows them down like they were nothing. He fights his way in. 
•He gets through to Chasm. It comes down to Michael fighting Chasm; no one else is powerful enough to stand between them. 
•Nobody tries to help at first but gets knocked on his tail and watches from the sidelines. 
•The battle escalates; big, apocalyptic.  
•Nobody is attacked by demons and wrestles with them until he can break away. 
•The demons chase Nobody through Hell. 
•A climactic battle. Nobody is like a child Luke Skywalker watching Darth Vader and Obi Wan battle it out. 
•Nobody is probably outnumbered. 
•Cut to Thrahkahl seeing that things are going wrong, that things are in bad shape. 
•He says if only we had gotten War Dancer and Zahnrhee together, if only that Sally woman had worked out. 
•aware of the battle on the bridge.  
•regretful, he feels he has to do something. 
•Cut to Sally on a mountaintop overlook. She's trying to do what War Dancer told her and think of where she wants to be and dance to go there. 
•She's dancing and Fabiano is trying to calm her down and she's yelling for Styx and being hysterical and dancing any dance she can think of and Fab. starts dancing with her because she wants him to. He's convinced that she's completely flipped.  
•One last comedy bit 
•Cut back to Thrahkahl having mustered troops in Avalon, preparing to send them to help the WOP and GGs on the bridge. 
•Show a shot of them falling back before Sue's troops on the bridge.  
•Mule is realizing that Chasm is so powerful now that he is in charge on Earth and the Org is the only threat to his power.  
•As the troops prepare to leave, Mule has his demons turn on Thrakahl's troops and slaughter them, taking them by surprise.  
•The troops include Mule and his demon troops.  
•Mule sees that he may have a different plan at this point.  
•Big battle, real treachery, even Thrakahl injured 

•Cut to Hell! The battle between Chasm and Michael!  
•Chasm defeats Michael and Chasm rips his heart out of his chest, 
glowing like a beacon and holds it up triumphantly. 
•"The world is now mine!" 


1 Thanks to Pauline Weiss for the original text contribution. It has been reformatted to HTML for this site. Abbreviations have been kept intact. Minor punctuation, spacing and font case corrections were done.