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Transcribed News Articles & Tidbits

Wizard #22 (Volume 1, June 1993)

Page 20 excerpt: 

Shooter's Return A Defiant Act 
After an almost year-long vacation, Jim Shooter former editor-in-chief of Marvel and Valiant comics, returns to the scene in his newest venture, Defiant Comics. Defiant, appropriately named for the attitude Shooter brings to the industry, is focusing on building an entirely new universe starting with the book called Plasm. Plasm will be about another world seperated from Earth. This new world will (be) entirely organic. Everything is alive, even things which appear to be machines. One member of this world discovers Earth and brings 10,000 Earthlings to Plasm to become genetic superpeople. Only five survive and receive superpowers, which sets the stage for the story of Plasm.This bold new series will also initiate a card line that introduces readers to the Defiant Universe. (For more info, check out this issue's Wizard of Cards.)  
The card set will be available in June, and the first issue of Plasm is scheduled for an August release. 

Page 116 excerpt: 
The River Group, the folks who brought you The Elvis Collection, introduces an ingenious card line based on the new Defiant comic book. The universe is called Plasm and is created by Jim Shooter, former Editor-in-Chief of both Marvel and Valiant comics. Shooter will introduce his newest comic book in the form of a limited-edition, 150-card set. This will be the first time a comic has debuted in the form of trading cards. The card set will be the No. 0 issue. In order to read the story, collectors will have to put the cards in protective nine-pocket sheets. The card artist is David Lapham, who also worked at Valiant on Harbinger, H.A.R.D. Corps, and Rai. The story is written by Shooter. The Plasm story will be told on 117 of the 150 cards in the set. The cards will be high quality and UV glossy coated. From what we understand, there will be no "chase" cards or gimmicks to help sell the cards. 

(Note: This set did include chase cards and gimmicks. Marketing issues with the card set created a negative public reaction.) 

 CSN (Comic Shop News) #366 (June 29, 1994) 

Page 1 article 

Heroes Remain Defiant As Schism Approaches by Wayne Lee 
 From the earliest days of Defiant's venture into into comics publishing, the company has made it clear that all their books were set within a single complex universe--a universe of unusual differences, to be sure, but a united universe nonetheless. Pretty soon, though, Defiant's universe is going to get a lot more unified, as far as the defiant heroes are concerned. 

 CSN 30Schism , the first big event inthe Defant Universe, brings the Defiant heroes together forv a single purpose: to prevent the Dark God Chasm from beaking down the Schism that has seperated the Dreamtime from reality. But do the heroes have sufficient power to thwart the will of a God?... 
 Schism, begins in July with a series of prequel issues in all the monthly Defiant titles. The heroes prepare for Schism in their own ways. War Dancer and Charlemagne duel as War Dancer attempts to destroy the Earth before the Schism; Prudence is determined to stop War Dancer in his efforts to destroy a planet for which she has plans; Michael Alexander, a.k.a. Glimmer, travels to Avalon in search of the enchanted box that created the Good Guys; Shooter continues his war against the Vagabonds; the Good Guys confront the horrors of the Org; and the Warrior of Plasm have to stand against Chasm as he turns his attentions towards Earth. Each issue's storyline adds an additional facet to the complex four-issue Schism storyline, which begins in July. 
 In the first issue of Schism, Chasm launches an assault against Avalon, the one bastion of hope, where Glimmer, Thrahlkahl, and the Forces of Hope have gathered. In the second issue, the Good Guys and the Warriors of Plasm try to hold a defensive line to protect Earth, while Glimmer and Nobody take the battle to Hell in an attempt to free Zahn-ree. The third issue finds the heroes forced to face the reality that their struggle against Chasm is failing, requiring a desperate new battle plan. Finally, in the climactic iisue, the merger of the Dreamtime and Earth comes ever closer--and the result is a change that will reshape the defiant Universe together. 
 All of the August defiant releases cross over with the Schism stotyline; each issue shows how the individual  heroes and heroines carry on the battle against Chasm in their own way. For some--such as Shooter--the war means next to nothing (although his lack of knowledge about Scism leads him to inadvertently contribute to the merger of the Earth and Dreamtime), while others, such as Prudence, are afraid not of death at the hands of Schism, but of being the sole survivors! For most , though, the focus of the monthly books is one of their individual struggles against the forces of Chasm. 
 Each issue of Schism is written by the gestalt of Defiant's writers, led by Defiant founder Jim Shooter, who are working closely together to ensure that the characterizations and situations depicted in Schism and in the various crossover books fit in with the ongoing continuity of each individual book and the overall Defiant Universe. David Lapham and other Defiant Illustrators handle the art honors on the biweekly four-issue limited series, while the regualr art teams of each Defiant title illustrate the crossovers. 
 By the time Schism concludes in late August, major changes will occur that will have lasting effect on the Defiant Universe. Schism and the various crossover books also offer a great starting point for comic fans who haven't followed all of Defiant's series thus far, affording them the opportunity to get to know the Defiant Universe and it's heroes as they are remolded in this grand struggle. Schism #'s 1-4, 48-page comics priced at $3.25 each, are scheduled for biweekly release beginning in early July.  

(Note: None of the issues mentioned above were ever released. The "starting point" it mentions never occurs. This summary is perhaps one of the last published accounts of Defiant's unpublished continuity.)