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Dark Dominion 10

Dark Dominion
Cover Gallery
Dark Dominion #10 - Final published issue!
Story title:  "The Way to Avalon!"
Date July 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Janet Jackson, Len Wein
Penciler/Artist(s):  John Ridgeway
Cover Artist(s):  John Ridgeway (pencils), Su Mikellner
Inker Dave Cockrum
Colorist(s) Su McTeigue
Letterer:  Rod Ollerenshaw
Editor:  Pauline Weiss
Characters Michael Alexander, Styx, Galahad, Thrakahl, Mule, Nobody (Reginald Jackson from The Good Guys), Spellcaster (from The Good Guys), 
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
 The story begins with Michael Alexander in Mexico searching for a substratum refuge called Avalon. While there he is attacked by some Aztec style demons. Frustrated with his attempt, he then transports himself to Bangkok. Again, his quest makes no progress, so he transports himself to Duluth, Minnesota. While there he stops for a bite to eat. 
Upon ordering breakfast, he starts conversing with a substratum being named Styx. Styx informs Michael that he is to ferry him "across the barrier to Avalon".  
Michael skips out on breakfast (leaving a nice tip) and leaves with Styx. Micheal is delivered to a floating city known as Avalon. While there, Michael notoces the city is preparing for war. Galhad comes out to meet Michael, but Styx leads him away to the ruler of the city. He is led to High Lord Thrakahl. Thrakahl tells Micheal he may be the only person that can help them. He shows Michael what appears to be a wooden box. He tells Michael that a "young man with a powerful mind" believes there is something special about it. He asks Micheal to get the box.  
 Thrakahl tells Micheal the he can detect resonate energy signatures and that this box has been touched with a powerful energy. He asks Michael to expand his senses.  Michael finally locates the box.
 Meanwhile, back in the substratum, Mule tells his minions that he is taking over the substratum and he wants the very same box Michael was sent to get. Mule sends his followers out to get "the kid, and the box that activates him".  
 By this time, Michael lands in Hollywood, California. Mule is already there in the home of young Reginald Jackson (whose alias is "Nobody"). Mule tries to enlist Reginald and his friends to make his wish come true. Michael's quest for the box leads him to Disneyland. Michael's search leads him to a homeless man that has the box in his shopping cart of collected items. Michael offers to buy the box, but the homeless man is under the impression it belongs to him. Just as Michael begins to open it, he's ambushed by Nobody and Spellcaster from the Good Guys. Mule's minions come on the scene. Michael and Nobody fight them, but two become part of the real world to steal the box. Spellcaster throws a magic door in front of them after the steal it, but the door will not  that won't accept the box as the two monsters pass through it. After everything settles, Michael introduces himself to the kids and they agree to let him take the box. 
Michael hands the box to Thrakahl in Avalon and Thrakahl opens it to find nothing. Thrakahl spout the words "crazy world... and getting crazier" and throws it into a fire (presumably thinking it is nothing important). Nobody's hand reaches into the fire and the story ends with him in the shadows clutching the box. Nobody has apparently hitched a ride to Avalon and now has the box in his grasp.  

Special Note: This box mention in this story is the same box  featured in Good Guys #1. There is no mention as to exactly how Mule knew about this box. The closing teaser at the end of the story reads "Next Issue: Schism"

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$2.00 (sale) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics