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Dark Dominion 9

Dark Dominion
Cover Gallery
Dark Dominion 9
Story title:  "Hell Hath No Fury: Once A Hero...! (Part 3)"
Date June 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Len Wein
Penciler/Artist(s):  J.G. Jones
Cover Artist(s):  J.G. Jones (pencils), Su Mikellner
Inker Mike Barriero
Colorist(s) Su McTeigue
Letterer:  Clem Robins
Editor:  Pauline Weiss
Characters Michael Alexander, The Puritan, Mercy, Vexlings, Vex, Judah, Lionel (from McDonalds), Mule
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
 As it ended last issue, the Puritan asks Michael to heal his son from the injuries he has sustained. Michael say he is unable. The Puritan tells Michael that he will pay for his selfishness. The Puritan picks up his staff and blast Michael. 
 Michael barely escapes, but once he does, he discovers more Vexlings causing trouble. Vex shows up to give Michael more of a beating. Vex leaves again.  
 Meanwhile, Mercy steps in to check in on the status the the wounded Judah. The Puritan tells Mercy that Michael could have stood on the side of the angels. Mercy gives the Puritan a copy of Michael's book "Dark Dominion".  
 Later, after reading Michael's book, the Puritan uses a rather naive and simple interpretation of the Biblical word "fear" and goes off on a tangent that Michael was not sent from God, but that he was. The Puritan heals his own son. 
 Michael goes to buy Mercy some breakfast, but when he finds her she's calling him Satan. She asks him to leave and then walks off herself.  
 Michael has no opportunity to ponder the implications before a messenger from Mule hovers above him. Michael goes to see Mule. Mule warns Michael that he became trapped in the substratum when he went there to avoid pain from his injuries. Mule also tells Michael that Chasm has disappeared (which the reader knows is to the Org of Plasm). Mule seeks an alliance to stop the Puritan. Michael rejects an alliance and tells Mule not to contact him again.  
 Michael gets back and discovers the Puritan has been a very positive effect on the town. The normal demons and root growth are receding.  
 By this time, the Puritan is ranting that he cannot save New York from it's wickedness and that it must be destroyed for it's sins. Michael appears and says "who died and made you God?" Michael and the Puritan debate their motives and role. Judah sides with Michael. The Puritan is angry and assaults both his son and Michael. As the Puritan's anger grows, the demons all flood back into the city. A battle ensues which polarizes Judah against his father. The Puritan summons the almighty to punish the wicked. At that point, the Puritan himself is struck down by lightning. A pile of salt is left where his body had been. Judah grabs his dad's staff and walks off.  
Vex appears at the end of the story to offer his allegiance to Michael since Chasm has disappeared. Michael rejects the offer. Michael looks around and sees the root growth has grown back worse than ever. 

Note: This story features the Twin Towers in New York and The Puritan calls them "The temples of Sodom, The Towers of Gamorrah!"

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$2.00 (sale) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics