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Dark Dominion 8

Dark Dominion
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Dark Dominion 8
Story title:  "Repent Ye Wicked: Once A Hero (Part 2)"
Date May 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includesthe cover)
Writer(s) Len Wein
Penciler/Artist(s):  J.G. Jones
Cover Artist(s):  J.G. Jones (penciler)
Inker Mike Barriero
Colorist(s) Tim Perkins
Letterer:  Agnes Pinaha
Editor:  Debbie Fix
Characters Michael Alexander, Mercy, Vexlings, The Puritan, Galahad, Peaches, Judah (The Puritan's son)
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
 Michael ones again roams the city searching for his female friend named Mercy. Michael finds Mercy who proclaims that he need not worry for her because she got her own "Angel O' the Lord" to protect her with powers as great as his.
 Michael doesn't question that, but asks her instead what she knows about Vex. Mercy starts to explain, but Michael interrupts her explanation to help a man and yank a Vexling out of a nearby ATM machine. 
 Mercy starts rambling that "he" has shown her the truth about all of this. Michael asks "who?" Mercy responds "The Puritan". Mercy drags Michael to see The Puritan.
 Mercy and Michael arrive at Times Square to see the Puritan preaching to a crowd. Mercy introduces them. The Puritan makes a display calling Michael "An Angel of the Lord". Michael tells the Puritan that he is mistaken. The Puritan accuses Michael of mocking him. The Puritan start rambling about Michael's role in stopping a "great warrior who will dance away the world" (presumably Wardancer). Michael becomes the center of the crowds attention so he shifts into the substratum and escapes with some moves he learned from Galahad. 
 Michael shows up at Galahad's home. He arrives in time to see Vex looming over Galahad and Peaches as he boasts of their impending defeat. Michael and a wounded Galahad defeat the Vexlings, but Vex himself evades them. Michael asks Galahad what is going on. Galahad tells Michael he will learn soon enough. Galahad and Peaches depart for Avalon so Galahad can heal.
 Michael walks through Hell's Kitchen in New York. The homeless paw at him. The Puritan is there. They agree they have some things to discuss. Michael enters the Puritan's tent. The Puritan introduces his son Judah. Michael once again denies that he is an angel. The Puritan tells Michael that he is more than man and invites him to work on behalf of the Lord. At that moment, Vex, who is fully manifest in the real world, shakes the tent. The Vexlings appear and torment the innocent people around. The Puritan takes his staff and starts blasting them all, Michael does his part to kill a few. The Puritan informs Michael that Vex feeds off of fear. Vex boasts that the fear which feeds him comes from the very heart of the city. The Puritan blasts Vex, but Vex dodges it. The Puritan recklessly blast the side of a building causing the debris to fall where Mercy is standing. Michael saves her nut gets injured in the process. Michael shift into the substratum where the pain lessens. Michael attacks Vex, Vex grabs him. The distraction allows The Puritan to blast him out of the fight. 
 After the battle it is discovered that the Puritan has recklessly blasted a wall onto his own son and killed him. The Puritan brings his son to Michael and tells him that he can heal his son. Michael says he can't. 
The Puritan tells Michael he has made his choice (to not serve the Lord) and "may the Lord help him, because I surely won't".
Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$2.00 (sale) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics