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Dark Dominion 6

Dark Dominion
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Dark Domionion 6
Story title:  "What Dreams May Come; Family Skeletons (Part 2)"
Date March 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Ed Polgardy, Jim Shooter, Len Wein 
Penciler/Artist(s):  Louis Small, Jr.
Cover Artist(s):  Louis Small, Jr.
Inker Mike Barriero, Bob Downs
Colorist(s) Tim Perkins
Letterer:  Rod Ollerenshaw
Editor:  Ed Polgardy
Characters Michael Alexander, Lurk, Sarah Cooper, Craig Cooper, Rachel Cooper, The Puritan, Judah (the Puritan's son), Flopso (the stuffed bunny), 
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
 The story begins with Michael alongside young Sarah Cooper. They are trapped within her nightmare in the Quantum substratum. Michael entered her nightmare through a child-sized door in the back of her closet. Within this nightmare is the Quantum demon known as Lurk. Lurk claims that the nightmare is his world. 
 Michael threatens Lurk and tells him to leave the girl alone. Lurk tosses Michael away effortlessly. Michael recovers and Sarah asks Michael if he is an angel. Sarah tells Michael that Lurk won't let her leave. Once again Lurk tosses Michael around effortlessly. Michael rushes back and tells Sarah that her fears give Lurk power over her. Lurk tosses. Michael is once again tossed away, but this time he is tossed back through the door he entered. Michael is tossed completely out of the substratum and back into the real world. He is tossed back into her room. Sarah's parents hear Michael land on the floor and rush into the room. Michael tells them he knows where their daughter is, and he takes the girl's stuffed bunny toy. Michael leaves their home because the door to Lurk's world in the girl's closet has vanished .  
 The scene shifts to an area known as Hell's Kitchen in New York City. The Puritan sets up a podium, a crate, to speak to the people. The Puritan begins preaching about the sins of others  and seeks to enlist others. Only one man heeds the Puritan's words. 
 The scene shifts to Michael's apartment. Michael is taking notes about Lurk. In frustration, he shifts to the substratum and sees that Flopso the stuffed bunny is alive in the substratum. Flopso helps Michael get back into Lurk's world through a back entrance.  
 The scene shifts back to the Puritan. A crowd has gathered to listen to him. The crowd argues with each other about the merits of his preaching.  
 The scene shifts once again to Michael. Flopso and Michael have come to Sarah's freestanding room and find it wrapped in huge chains. Flopso says it is from Sarah's guilt. Michael breaks the chains to enter her room. They enter. Michael finds Sarah chained to the bed. Michael frees Sarah, but Lurk enters her room from the closet. Lurk grabs Michael, but while Lurk is distracted, Flopso helps get Sarah away. Lurk lets go of  Michael and goes for Sarah. They all get away and hide. While hiding, Michael convinces Sarah that her guilt gives Lurk his strength. Lurk's face takes on the look of Sarah's father and it becomes evident that Sarah's guilt is tied to abuse inflicted by her father. Sarah gains courage and awareness that she is not to blame for the abuse which she had been subjected to. Her lack of fear causes Lurk to shrink and Michael squashes him.  
 Sarah agrees to come back to her home with Michael. Flopso says he can't go to the real world and his animated self merges with the lifeless stuffed bunny in the real world.  
 Michael and Sarah come back to the real world through her closet again. In the room he confronts Craig Cooper and explains that he knows what has been going on. Michael shifts into the substratum and destroys the demon wrapped around her father's quantum body.  

The story concludes with a very alive and well incarnation of Lurk coming out of Craig Coopers closet at night. Craig screams "not again". Michael in his own apartment contemplates the growing problem on the substratum and writes more notes about Lurk. 

Note: This story is where a renewed quality becomes evident. This story features a pin-up style page from Michaels diary. This diary page tells about Lurk.

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$2.00 (sale) Mile High Comics