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Dark Dominion 3

Dark Dominion
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Dark Dominion 3
Story title:  "A Man's Home; Haunts of the Very Rich (Part 3)" 
Date December 1993
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Jim Shooter, Len Wein, Joe James, Janet Jackson
Penciler/Artist(s):  Joe James
Cover Artist(s):  Joseph A. James (pencils), Janet Jackson (colors)
Inker Bob Downs
Colorist(s) Tim Perkins
Letterer:  George Roberts
Editor:  Deborah Purcell, Ed Polgardy
Characters Michael Alexander (Glimmer), Charles Mal (Chasm), Leper, Muriel, Peeper, Claire Tunney, Cutback, Skinner, Mercy
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
 The story begins with Michael Alexander watching a news story on CNN about Chasm's new "smart building". Michael knows that he must go to the building to get Mercy who was kidnapped at the beginning of issue #2. Upon entering the building, Michael discovers security guards in both the real world and in the substratum. Michael switches back and forth between the real world and the substratum as needed to get to the elevator. Once inside the elevator he heads to the penthouse. Michael can "feel" the presence of Chasm once he gets to the penthouse. Michael finds Chasm at his desk. Chasm mocks Michael and expresses wonder that Michael took so long at getting to him. Michael demands that Chasm release Mercy. Chasm refuses. Michael threatens Chasm. Chasm manipulates the quantum field to send a ball of "hellfire" at Michael. Michael phases back into the real world to avoid the burn of the Hellfire. He gets hit by a baseball bat in the real world by one of Chasm's thugs. The thugs continue to beat Michael until he is knocked out. 
 Michael awakens the next morning back in the bowels beneath Grand Central Station. He is confronted by Leper and others who were also beaten by Chasm's thugs. The next evening Charles dines with Muriel and tells her that Michael started their dispute but that he has no problem ending it. 
 Michael wakes up the next morning in disgust about his financial situation. Michael struggles to cross back into the substratum and when he finally does, he sees a "demon of doubt" wrapping through his head. The phone rings and Michael is offered a job. Michael locates Peeper and explains his situation. A Hollywood Studio wants to option his book and make a film, but Michael wants to make sure Mercy is freed and safe before he leaves for California. Peeper tells Michael that leaving will be best because Chasm has no interest in Mercy other than Michael's concern for her. Michael reluctantly agrees and books a flight. 
 On the flight, Michael is greeted by a woman named Claire. Claire sits in the seat next to him. Michael enjoys his flight with Claire until she tells him that getting away will relieve all the pressures he faces including a fear of failure. Michael immediately realizes that her presence is not a coincidence, and he phases into the substratum and floats down through the plane back to Earth. Michael hops on top of a bus and heads back to New York.  
 Michael gets back and visits Leper. Michael rallies all the homeless friends of Leper to go after Chasm. 
They all storm Chasm's "smart building". A man named Cutback, greets them and tosses a finger (presumably one which belonged to Mercy) on the floor. Cutback phones Skinner and instructs him that they must prove how serious they are. Mercy pleads for mercy over the phone. Michael phases into the substratum and walks through Cutback. Michael reaches Skinner in the act of cutting off another of Mercy's fingers. Michael phases in and out of the substratum as necessary to both evade and attack Skinner.  
 Michael leaves Mercy to go after Chasm. When he gets to Chasm, Chasm is being attacked by "spiders of anxiety". He calls to Muriel for help. Muriel is gone, so Chasm asks for his henchmen to kill Michael. By this time, Michael's friends have arrived. Chasm's henchmen decide not to fight them all. Michael gives a speech to Chasm telling him that he's lost everything. He starts to leave and Chasm disappears.  
On the way out, Lepers friends, all homeless, go to the executive dining hall where an out-of-view woman unlocks the doors for them. They all feast.  
The story ends with Michael sitting at Mercy's side in the hospital.  

Note: Len Wein is given writing credits for issue #3 on the letters page to issue #4.

Dark Dominion #3 could be purchased as part of a "Collector Value Pack" with Warriors of Plasm #5 & Good Guys #1.
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$2.00 (sale) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics
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