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Last updated: 1/24/2016
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Dark Dominion 2

Dark Dominion
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Dark Dominion 2
Story title:  "Let There Be Light; Haunts of the Very Rich (Part 2)"
Date November 1993
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Len Wein
Penciler/Artist(s):  Joseph A. James
Cover Artist(s):  Joseph A. James (pencils), Janet Jackson (colors)
Inker Steve Leialoha
Colorist(s) Tim Perkins
Letterer:  George Roberts
Editor:  Deborah Purcell, Ed Polgardy
Characters Michael Alexnder (Glimmer), Charles Mal (Chasm), Mercy, Leper (Robert Jolley), Peeper, Adam Cocoran (a neighbor) 
Known Variants: Some retailers are known to sell signed copies. Since signatures can be forged, signed comics rarely go for more than the price of an unsigned comic. In some cases, signatures can devalue the price of a comic. 
Notes/Plot Summary
 The story begins with Michael Alexander being tossed into a steam pit deep beneath Grand Central Station in Manhattan. Chasm prematurely gloats at the demise of Michael. Michael ascends from the pit in his Quantum form to find Chasm and his henchmen gone. Michael is sickened by the human remains he saw at the bottom of the pit. He calls out to Mercy who was dragged off by Chasm. Michael is attacked both physically and mentally by monsters in the substratum. Rather than fight them, he just enters the real world again and ignores them. A man named Leper approaches and introduces himself. He offers to help Michael find Mercy. Leper leads Michael to a man named Peeper. Michael finds out through Peeper that Mercy has been taken above. Michael departs for the surface. 
 Michael gets home, avoids the neighbors, flips on the television and mulls over the whereabouts of Mercy. The story ends with Michael watching a CNN news story that features Charles Mal, billionaire industrialist. Michael realizes that Chasm is Charles Mal. 

Notable Quotes: "Defending DEFIANT has cost us $200,000 and literally hundreds of man-hours. I believe that was Marvel's real purpose--bleed us, waste our time, slow us down, damage us, maybe even put us out of business. Killing competitors is one way to protect market share."1 Jim Shooter (commenting on Defiant's lawsuit with Marvel Comics)

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$2.00 (sale) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics
$10.00 (signed) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics