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Dark Dominion 1

Dark Dominion
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Dark Dominion 1
Story title:  "Haunts of the Very Rich (Part 1)"
Date October 1993
Cover Price:  $2.50
Pages 36 (includes the cover)
Writer(s) Len Wein
Penciler/Artist(s):  Joseph A. James
Cover Artist(s):  Joseph A. James (pencils), Mike Witherby (inks)
Inker Mike Barreiro, Bob Downs, Charles Yoakum
Colorist(s) Tim Perkins
Letterer:  George Roberts
Editor:  Deborah Purcell, Ed Polgardy
Characters Michael Alexander (Glimmer), Sheba (a "Plaguer"), Mercy, Salvage (Sal), Nightgaunts, Chasm (Charles Mal), 
Known Variants: Signed versions of this comic are known to exist. The River Group distributed free copies of this comic to retailers in January of 1994.
Notes/Plot Summary
This is the second ongoing series introduced by Defiant Comics. This story follows Dark Dominion #0 which was released as a binder and card set .

The story begins with Michael Alexander narrating about fear and it's grip on the night life of New York. The setting is that of Michael Alexander drinking eating at McDonalds. A Mr. Jenkins walks up to Michael and introduces himself. While discussing Mr. Jenkins' problems and concerns, another man goes crazy with a knife threatening  to cut everyone. A man tries to calm the crazy guy down and he gets cut on the hand in the process. Michael separates from his discussion and walk from the real world into the substratum, "the Quantum Field". In the substratum he is invisible to everyone except the crazy man and we see that the crazy man has a monster on his back that is controlling him. Michael kills the monster controlling the man and the crazy man falls to his knees. Michael turns from the crazy man and notices for an instance a woman in the substratum. The woman disappears before he gets a clear view. The crazy man is now calm and he apologizes. Mr. Jenkins overhears the discussion Michael has with the crazy man and now understands what he must do. 
 As Michael leaves the McDonalds, we see monsters and thorny growths in the substratum everywhere. In the substratum, Michael can walk through fixed solid objects. He does so and once again while walking on the street, he glimpses the elusive woman he saw in McDonalds.  
She eludes him again.  
 A couple of hours later, Michael is talking to a woman called Mercy who is quoting Biblical scripture. Michael calls her his "guide through the darkness". Michael has brought her some food. Michael tells Mercy that he saw a woman and a person other than Chasm (Charles Mal). To help Michael understand what he is dealing with, Mercy leads Michael to a hidden entrance to an old section of subway. Michael is stunned to see that the thorny growths an monsters in the substratum are worse. While there he battles and defeats one much larger than himself. They continue on their journey. Mercy questions his desire o go forward. Michael tells her knowledge is power and that he wishes to know the truth.  
They finally reach a man named Salvage (Sal). Michael asks Sal if he knows anything about the woman Michael saw. Sal tells Michael that he doesn't but that there are whispers of stories about people who'd learned to enter the substratum, but spent so much time, they'd lost the ability to go back to the real world. At that moment, Michael and Mercy both see the woman motioning in the substratum. They also see "Nightgaunts" come through a wall and take her forcefully. She screams "no" as they get away. Michael chases after her to help. Michael catches up and the light he radiates in the substratum is enough to defeat the Nightgaunts. While Michael is paying attention to them, the woman slugs Michael and knock him to the ground. He looks up and the woman gloats. Chasm appears and joins them.  
 Chasm introduces Sheba, a shape shifting "Plaguer" and gloats about his ability to create fear. Chasm summons a hoard of monsters to attack Michael. Michael defeats them, but while he is occupied, one of his henchmen in the real world has taken a knife to Mercy's throat. Michael returns to the real world and is knocked out by two other henchmen. Michael is dragged to a steam pit and tossed in. The story ends.  

This story introduces several key elements. 1) Michael is new to the Dark Dominion and has much to learn. 2) He cannot be in both the real world and the substratum at the same time. 3) There is a risk that he will not be able to return to the real world in he stays too long. 4) Charles Mal (Chasm) is ruthless and will not stop at anything to get his way (including murder).  

Signed versions exist with the following DEFIANT Certificate of Authenticity. Signed comics and Certificates of Authenticity can be forged, so they are not listed on the checklist.
Dark Dominion COA

Signed versions exist with the following Dynamic Forces Inc. Certificate of Authenticity. Signed comics and Certificates of Authenticity can be forged, so they are not listed on the checklist.
Dark Dominion 1 Dynamic Forces Certioficate of Aunthenticity

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$2.00 (sale) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics
$10.00 (signed) 4/25/04 Mile High Comics