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Charlemagne 4

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Charlemagne 4
Story title:  "Not my will, but yours"
Date June 1994
Cover Price:  $3.25
Pages 52 (including the cover)
Writer(s) D.G. Chichester (script), Jim Shooter (plot), Joseph A. James (plot)
Penciler/Artist(s):  Anthony Castrillo
Cover Artist(s):  Adam Pollina(pencils), Bob Wiacek (inks), David Hillman (colors)
Inker Chad Hunt, Keith Wilson
Colorist(s) David Hillman, Erika Helene
Letterer:  Mindy Eisman
Editor:  Joseph A. James
Characters Charlemagne, Nudge, Great Grimmax, The Good Guys, Shooter 
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
Nudge mysteriously appears at the spot where Charlemagne had battled Lord Bottom in the previous issue. She has a very wicked look on her face as she tries to persuade Charlemagne to not fight War Dancer. Her attempt to control the thoughts of Charlemagne fails. They part.
 Nudge later shows up at her sister's house. Nudge explains everything to her sister, but at no point does she ever explain how she knows where exactly where to be in the story at any given point. 
  Charlemagne wanders across Central Park and meets Great Grimmax who is wearing a baseball cap and a trench coat. He is sitting in some stands watching a football game. One of the football players plows over Charlemagne and the player is annoyed that Charlemagne was on the edge of the field. They fight. Charlemagne seriously hurts the other guy. Grimmax warns Charlemagne that he should leave. Charlemagne leaves... buys a sandwich. A mob of homeless people ambush him. He leaves them to fight over his food. 
  Across the globe in Vietnam, a woman is hearing Charlemagne's voice calling her to go to America. Arrangements are made for her to go to America. 
  The Good Guys show up to meet Charlemagne and they knew exactly where to appear. Charlemagne flirts with Flex from the Good Guys. Something overcomes their thoughts. The Good Guys fight Charlemagne. Charlemagne leaves because he knows something is wrong. The Good Guys snap out of their spell. 
  Charlemagne meets up with a homeless guy who leads him to the bowels of Grand Central Station where the homeless stay. Charlemagne falls asleep against his will. His boots are gone when he awakes. 
While there, Charlemagne temporarily saves a guy from being tossed in a steam pit by some muscular guys. While attempting to rescue the guy, Charlemagne falls in himself. Charlemagne sees the other guy fall in and die from the scalding heat. He does a huge leap out of the steam pit and bursts through a manhole cover to the street above. 
 Lola, who looks to be either a transvestite or a prostitute, catches up to Charlemagne and asks if he needs a friend. Charlemagne says "No". Charlemagne wanders around homeless until Le Xuan his past love from Vietnam finds him. She tells him she was given money to bring him back to Vietnam. 
The scene switches to Nudge sitting with an evil look on her face. At this point it becomes apparent that she is controlling everyone from extreme distances. 
The scene switches back to a romantic scene between Charlemagne and Le Xuan. Le Xuan accidentally tells Charlemagne she is married. Charlemagne figures out she is being controlled and gets out of the room. 
 While outside, Charlemagne sees a truck being driven off the road by Shooter. Charlemagne saves innocent bystanders and stops the truck. Shooter blows up the truck and drives off. Charlemagne can tell he is being controlled and doesn't chase him. 
Charlemagne then remembers that Nudge had approached him in the park and he still hears her "noise" so loudly that he can follow it back to the source. They have a confrontation, she ducks out. 
  This issue features some excellent continuity snapshots, but at no point does it make sense that Nudge would be a villainess in the story. Her relation to War Dancer is never explain and her personality is not consistent with the personality she had in Warriors of Plasm. 

This is not a bad issue because it introduces so many story elements, but it really has no overall  focus. It is more confusing than it is rewarding. The art is very distracting. The quality jumps around. One minute it features simplistic Ditko-esque truncated figures and poses, the next minute it features facial expressions that look traced from John Byrne's work. On two specific pages it is apparent that only outlines of characters were penciled and/or inked. The colorist was left to make the outlines look like individual people. Defiant had a horrible pattern of putting their weakest quality into their oversized and higher priced issues. This is a good example of a weak effort.  

Observed Prices 
Price  Date Store Location
$3.00 12/28/03 Mile High Comics
$2.99 12/28/03 N/A